Safe Haven Rabbitry - About Us
We would like to introduce ourselves ...
We are a small "private" rabbitry, located in west-central Illinois.  I am a teacher and my husband is a police officer.  We have 5 children between the ages of 5 and 14 years old.  We are also foster/adoptive parents, so we often have additional angels among us.
Safe Haven Rabbitry first began as a 4-H project for our children, and quickly became a family hobby and obsession for me.  I also wanted a rabbit that I could bring into our classroom and share with my students.  I grew up on a farm and my family raised rabbits.  I am excited to share that experience with my children.
Upon starting out, we did our homework, looking for the "just right" breed(s). We decided on the Jersey Wooly ... and soon welcomed the English Angora.  Our family fell in love immediately!  As you can imagine, our "wooly friends" get a lot of attention and are very pampered! 
 Mary M. Miller
Contact Information
Thomas and Mary M. Miller
(located in West-Central Illinois, near Quincy, IL)
Our new home and rabbitry, a work in progress ... new cages being added to opposite walls, paint, vinyl wall panels, etc ...

Meet Mudblood's Legacy ... One of our Jersey Wooly herd bucks.


Our Friends ...
Pet Supply Plus
4830 Broadway St.
Quincy, IL 62301
Farm and Home Supply
4625 Broadway St.
Quincy, IL  62301

Rabbit Burrow Supply
409 Sorento Ave.
Sorento, IL  62086
(217)556-2268 or 556-2267

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