Safe Haven Rabbitry - Sale Policy and Contact Us
Our Policy ...
  • NO rabbit/bunny on our website is for sale or available ... unless specifically posted as such.
  • We do not sell/release bunnies unless they are at least 6-7 weeks of age, depending on how quickly they are weaned.
  • A 50% deposit is required to hold a rabbit/bunny.  No sale is considered final until paid in full.
  • We determine price based on the quality of a rabbit/bunny at time of purchase, as well as the breed (taking into consideration the amount of time and effort needed to raise a particular breed or variety of rabbit):

Show Quality:
A show quality rabbit is a rabbit that is free of disqualifications at the time of purchase and can be shown or has been shown.  I can't guarantee a rabbit's show success, because of the different opinions of judges.   They will come with a pedigree.

Brood Quality:
A brood quality rabbit is a rabbit that may be an asset to someone's herd as a breeding animal. The rabbit may have some minor faults or non-genetic disqualifications that stop it from being shown.  We may include our VM rabbits/bunnies in this category.

Pet Quality:
A pet quality rabbit is a rabbit that may have disqualifications or faults that make it undesirable as a show or brood animal, but will have no defects or abnormalities. Pet rabbits may or may not come with pedigrees.

  • We accept payment in cash or through PayPal at
  • We reserve the right to cancel a sale at any time if we feel it is in the best interest of the animal.
  • Refunds/replacements offered at our discretion.
  • All rabbits bred by us will contain the prefix "SHR" at the beginning of the name on the pedigree.  All rabbits will retain their name and prefix on any pedigree in which they are included.
  • Our bunnies/rabbits are raised in a controlled climate, with a temperature between 40 and 85.  They are healthy and we work hard to keep them disease free.  We cannot guarantee how they will respond in new surroundings.
  • We absolutely will not ship rabbits/bunnies, as we are concerned for their well-being.  Appropriate transportation arrangements must be made. 
  • We will deliver, but it will include a round-trip transportation fee based on miles ($0.40 per mile), plus any other related travel expenses.  Transportation fees must be paid in advance of delivery. 
  •  If a 3rd party is used to transport, fees would have to be arranged with and agreed to by them.  Please note:  we will cancel a sale if the buyer chooses a transporter or transportation method we are not comfortable with.
  • There will be no delivery charge if made at an event we are attending. We will deliver in route to an event, but will charge a transportation fee based on time/miles traveled off the direct route to our distination.
  • We feed mainly Pen Pals brand by ADM) amd Purina brand products, as well as supplement with Calf Manna (by MannaPro)

Shows we are currently planning to attend 2015-2016 ...
Nothing pending at this time *

Note:  Because I am a teacher and due to our family commitments, we are limited on travel and show attendance, especially during the school year.  Our schedule is subject to change, so please contact us to verify our attendance at a show.

Contact Us ...
Please contact us if you have any questions at (217)316-2263
You may also complete the information below.  We will do our very best to respond within 24-48 hours. 
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