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          (updated 6/17/2016)

Safe Haven Rabbitry specializes in the Jersey Wooly and English Angora. Our focus is on breeding for the Blue-Eyed White (BEW) variety in both breeds.  Our Jersey Woolies are BEW, Vienna Carriers (VC), or are Vienna Marked (VM).  Our English Angoras are entirely BEW.

The Jersey Wooly is also referred to as a "Dwarf Angora", or the "Fluff of the Fancy".  They are a small breed, developed from a cross between a French Angora and a Netherland Dwarf.  An adult rabbits's preferred weight is 3 pounds, with a maximum of not more than 3 1/2 pounds.  Ideally, they have wider heads, with their preferred ear-length being not more than 2 1/2 inches.  They have long soft (angora textured) wool, which grows to 2-3 inches long and comes in a wide variety of colors.  They have calm temperaments, one of the calmest of all breeds. We have found that they love being "cuddled".  This makes them a perfect pet!

The English Angora  is the smallest of the four angora breeds recognized by the ARBA.  An adult rabbit's weights are 5 - 7 1/2 lbs.  Their wool is silky and , and typically grows to 2-5 inches long, but can be more. They have had a millennia of domestication, and are typically very gentle and easy-going.  This is necessary, due to the frequent grooming, plucking, shearing, and cleaning that is required in this breed.  Have you ever wondered where angora yarn comes from?

The Blue-Eyed White Rabbit

We are proud of and excited about our Blue-Eyed White friends. We have a "love affair" with the bright blue eyes and beautiful angelic white wool. It requires time and effort to establish the desired traits we are seeking in this variety, but we feel the end is worth it!
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